About us

Association Industrial Cluster Srednogorie was established in the autumn of 2005. The Cluster is formed on an  industry-regional basis. Leading companies in its  initiation were Assarel – Medet, Aurubis Bulgaria, Ellatzite – Med, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech and Geotechmin.

The cluster members are: Assarel – Medet, Aurubis Bulgaria, Ellatzite – Med, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech, Geotechmin, Air Liquide Bulgaria, Eurotest – Control, Energeo, Opticoelectron Group, Optix Co, Centre for Management and Vocational Training (CMVT), The University of Mining and Geology “St.Ivan Rilski”, Municipality of Anton, Municipality of Zlatitsa, Municipality of Mirkovo, Municipality of Panagyurishte, Municipality of Pirdop, Municipality of Strelcha, Municipality of Chavdar, Municipality of Chelopech, Municipality of Koprivshtitsa and Minucipality of Etropole


Prosperity of the human capital and the economy of Srednogorie region through partnership of all stakeholders.


The Enterprises in the cluster make  a network of their competences and potential and together create products and solutions that are flexible  and quickly meet the needs of international markets. The unification of companies fascilitates the communication, provides cheaper access to raw materials and energy, aids the introduction of  more scientific and applied research, creates training and educational centers. Following this philosophy, ICS develops a model of classical pyramid cluster group of interconnected, export-oriented industrial companies.


  •   Increase of the competitiveness of the industry in Central Srednogorie
  •   Sustainable development and environmental protection in accordance with national and regional priorities
  •   Improvement of technical and social infrastructure in the region
  •   Growth of  the quality and standard of living
  •   Technological innovation and implementation  of innovations
  •   Improvement of energy efficiency
  •   Improvement  of the working conditions in the enterprises participating in the cluster network
  •   Improvement of the system for enhancing the education and training of the stuff for the needs of the cluster network
  •   Implementation of other projects of mutual interest


  •   Support of industrial policy and development
  •   Improvement of energy efficiency
  •   Recruitment and deployment of new technologies
  •   Health and safety
  •   Environmental Protection and Water
  •   Development of regional infrastructure
  •   Improvement and development of public services
  •   Development of a public-private partnership
  •   Attracting new investment in the region